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September 2017 Numerology

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SEPTEMBER 2017 – 19/10* This month the strong yang energies of 2017 reach their highest point. It is a month where any manipulation or power abuse could potentially backfire on you. Now you can start new long-term projects. Careful decisions should be taken to get the best results in future. Set those goals and visualise […]

November 2016 Newsletter


Order your 2017 Sojournal – Diary and personal guide – NOW, Before the price increase! Last call for 2017 Sojournal orders before the price goes up and availability becomes limited. Take a look at what the Sojournal is all about on the website. Your order makes the difference. The more orders placed this week, the […]

September 2016 Newsletter


Southern Spring Greetings! The 2017 Sojournal is on route to the press, time is flying to her fruition. Last minute content and Directory placings are squeezing in this week. So now is your last chance to submit your inspiring articles, paintings and gardening photos for placings in this edition and join the Directory. I’m sourcing […]