Welcome to the 2019 edition of the Garden Guide

Right now, where you live, in your neighborhood and around your home, you can make a difference, by adapting your lifestyle one step at a time, to become more sustainable. Get the neighborhood involved if you can, inspire a sense of community, as you turn every patch of earth around your hood into an edible and medicinal forest.
There should be no excuse not to lend your hand, to nurture our thirsty land.

In your own pace, with access to the resources available to support your needs, together we encourage each other, one step at a time. There are so many people with this growing urge to actively become more sustainable. Start talking about it and you will see, it is the way to be.

This edition focuses on the importance and benefits of Urban Farming… a rising trend, bursting from the lips of many people, eager to turn their words into action. This requires a few easy steps, explained in the articles, by people who would love to get a call from you to know more.

Water saving and recycling methods, hydroponics and urban farming are all linked to each other, as we strive to make organic food available for all.

So I plant these seeds in the fertile minds of my fellow South Africans, to encourage each other, share your thoughts and put them to action. My mission is to build a database of South African resources, available for everyone, so we can all access the wealth of knowledge and active pioneers eager to teach you everything you need to support your path of self sustainability.

Keep a log book:
If you want to check if the moon planting guide really works, then observe your gardens progress. Keep a log book and update it logbook every time you enter your garden. Date each entry, indicate the cycle and sign of the moon, the climate, weather conditions and state of your garden in general. (Is the soil welcoming and moist or hard and dry today?) Log any infestation and plan your defense, make your organic mixtures.

In general, it’s good to get to know your own garden, by logging your seed planting and when those plants harvest. There is a guide to these, but they are not accurate to your own garden. So if you want to plant potatoes to put on the table at a future event, then you can know when to plan ahead.

Get involved!
I call on all local passionate pioneers who have dedicated your lives to establish your business and expertise, in order to provide your country with the organic produce, knowledge, tools and interesting economical inventions I have yet to discover.
These pages are yours to express your passion, share your knowledge so that together we can reach those who seek your guidance. We all have something to share and something to learn… so get in touch with me.


Julisa Petersen
083 334 7089


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