Sustainable Living Diary and FREE Directory listing

Greetings fellow South Africans

I’m honoured to be alive and here with you, in these interesting times.

Since 2001, I have followed my hearts calling to create annual publications, sharing valuable information, adapting to what’s relevant as the years go on. The Planting Calendar began it’s journey in 2009, now matured to a useful tool as we embrace our home gardens, with the call to sustainability. 

Pertinent to where we find ourselves today. we launching the.. 
2021 Sustainable Living Diary

South Africa, our land

Among us South Africans, we have all the land, skills, resources and passionate, purpose driven pioneers, eager to mobilise sustainability within our communities. I know this, as I have met many of you through my travels. You have worked hard to be in a position today, to facilitate our transition to a new sustainable way if being.. 

I feel it’s our duty to keep this knowledge alive and make the effort of involving our children as we educate ourselves to make this a reality. By supporting each other we support ourselves.

My Goal

Is to gather the necessary information to build our database, putting my networking skills to active use. In order for me to make a real difference I need to activate this platform as a foundation, upon which we can all build.


To build a South African, regional directory of self- empowered locals, with something to offer the broader community. Please take a moment, to fill out a simple online form and forward this email to your friends to do the same. It’s like a ‘role call’, to introduce yourself so we know you are here.

Make your day.. take a moment to walk this way….

To join the FREE DIRECTORY, click [HERE] or on these images to fill in the online form.

Once approved, your information will be published in the Sustainable Living Diary and on our dedicated Online Directory.

Your personal information, true to your hearts calling and purpose, remains private and can be edited anytime. Adding to this circle of colourful skills, your input will make a difference, publicly published here…


See this graph and where it shines most….
With just a few entries so far, we can already show a range of collective skills.
I am excited to see your spark within this colourful graph.. I Love Visuals!

The Importance of this Directory

The purpose of this publication, is to provide you with the most relevant and up to date, practical information to guides you on your path. We can all support each other, as we truly walk our talk.


This new economic activity has great potential. It promises the empowerment of ordinary people and a more sustainable future by making better use of our collective resources, minimising waste and stabilising consistent support for everyone.

This is my hearts calling, to do my part, to provide this platform for you to do so too.

I present to you, the first edition of the Sustainable Living Diary…
(click the image to learn more)


This is no ordinary dairy..
This is your personal life experience captured live in action!
My wish is to inspire your true path to unfold, every step of your day.
One step at a time!

Accommodating your business and leisure needs!


Taking the Planting Calendar to the next level. The moon phase daily garden guidance brings your experience to life, inspiring an interactive adventure!

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Click below to learn more about the diary and place your order…







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