The Planting Calendar has been distributed annually throughout South Africa since 2009.

Embrace your garden, with inspiring images, planning monthly in tune with the moon, guided daily with recommended  garden activities.  This calendar displays colour coded, explanatory, easy to follow instructions. Allowing you to prepare for each phase of the growing cycle, as we make the most of each seasons harvest.

Gardening becomes second nature to a world that has become estranged to the source of our food and sustenance, reliant on unknown methods of supply. We can relieve our yearning to be in control of our bodies and what we feed ourselves, integrated into where we are in this moment, right now!

The Sustainable Living Diary

This is a developing concept, emerging to meet us during our prime time, ready to embrace our purpose driven path. This has to be achieved sustainably, this is a matter of emergency. No more messing about… it’s time to step into your power, suit up and get out, be the change you have always known is coming…. it’s our duty to facilitate our country through this transition…

The Sojournal, (2008 – 2019)

Ancient wisdom, shared in the form of a fun, embracing daily experience, with easy references on all topics. An executive styled diary with a creative balance of personal path grounding guidance. Bridging worlds, so we can keep up with the pace of business and technology, with our feet firmly planted in the reality of our true path and the ever pressing needs to be self-reliant, as we strive for sustainability, no matter where we live.

Right now, where you are, look around and you will discover simple ways to shift your daily life to creating a more conscious, loving footprint on our planet. This guide will give you the quick easy tools you need to know that you are on the right track already. Learn how to read the daily signs.

This is your life, every day is a step in your journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It is up to us to choose to embrace our challenges, to become the creation of our true selves and way of being.

Sojournal – Review-article

The Sojournal outlines the daily and monthly gardening activities according to the moon cycles, seasons, climate and hemisphere where you live. With practical applications and tricks to get you into the gardening spirit with ease, no matter what your living circumstance may be.

The Sojournal has been in existence since 2008, where it evolved from a calendar, birthed in 2001. With the vision and intention of empowering our lives with the ancient knowledge of the Mayans and Western Zodiac, mapping the stars path from our birth blueprint, unlocking and evolving our personalities potential and tuning into our souls longing for self fulfillment.