Garden Guide 3rd Edition

Vision in Motion

Pertinent to these precarious times, the theme of this edition is at the core of nature and the survival of humanity, ‘Seeds and Food Security’.
Our instincts are currently on full alert, as we turn to each other to find solutions. By combining our resources and sharing our skills, we begin navigating our way toward establishing sustainability within our community.

It feels like our generations are of the last who have lived to experience an environment our children might never know. With the wisdom of the ‘old ways of living on the land’ still amongst us, it is our responsibility to carry and pass on the wisdom and knowledge for future generations. Unless we make a concerted effort to share our roots with the youth, the wisdom could be lost forever.

Many of us have a vision of how we feel life should be, some of us long to reconnect with nature. I believe we have the ability to merge nature into our daily lives in a way that allows us to be less dependent on technology.

It is necessary to step into our personal power, to create our reality according to the vision of who we know we are here to be. The need to fulfill our purpose effectively, has become more urgent. It is up to each one of us to actively change the course of history.

First and foremost we have to take care of our personal needs. It’s important for your efforts to start where you are, then extend to your family, friends, then your neighbourhood and beyond. You cannot save the world when you can’t find your feet and take care of yourself.
Everything we need is all around us already, we just need to implement what we know. Quench our thirsty land, with the water that washes our hands, feed our hungry soil, with our kitchen scraps where they can spoil, naturally.

There are so many ways we can shift the direction of little things, in a manner that gives everything in our environment a new sense of purpose.

Take your place in the cycle of life, plant your precious seeds in the earth and in the minds of all people.

‘Talk your walk’ with everyone you meet!

Julisa Petersen

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