Sustainable Living

While the Sustainable Living diary concept is in the making, take steps to embrace your purpose so we can effectively sustain our journey on our beautiful planet.

Watch this space for the emergence of the Sustainable Living diary, where we venture further down the path of creating sustainability within our SA community. One step at a time..

We are each living here and now for a reason
Just as the year is complete with each season


…with the power to choose to embrace our true purpose on this planet!

The purpose of the Sustainable Living diary is to get you connected.
Providing everyone access to local resources, courses, services and supplies
dedicated to supporting our journey to a sustainable future!


Directory of resources and services
Initiatives and change makers
Articles by professional pioneers

12 Herbs and their uses – 1 per month
Weekly interesting sustainable concepts
Daily garden activities, guided by the moon

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Together we create the future of our world!

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Here’s to stepping into the power of our purpose!

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The whole concept is to support local, so let us know who you are and what you do..!

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