Planting Calendar

I encourage YOU to embrace the gifts Mother Nature has to offer.

Get your South African Garden Guide July 2018 – June 2019 – your planting calendar through the seasons, from one winter to the next. Before spring begins, we prepare the ground for the most effective planting season our gardens can generate.

The calendar includes:

  • Monthly lists of seeds to plant according to the season
  • Daily gardening activities, according to the moon
  • Structural advice and methods to implement, according to your available space
  • Water saving and recycling methods
  • Directory of resources in your area
  • Grass Root gardening projects across the country, that you can support

R180 includes postage and a free 2018 Garden Guide download covering the months till the physical calendar begins in July 2018.


We aim to enrich your knowledge of gardening, encouraging a clearer understanding of the earths elements, assisting you to operate in alignment and tune in to earths cycles.

The calendar will feature one garden project per month, so I am searching for 12 projects worth sharing. Do you know of any organic garden establishments? Let me know about them, to be included in the directory. Any content or advice you want to share, this is the place! Contact me directly, asap.

The 2018 Garden Guide is an A5 printable calendar download, designed to keep you in tune with your garden throughout the year. It consists of the 2018 monthly moon cycles and corresponding gardening activities.

Now is the time to focus on what we can do, to connect to each other in a way that will support and sustain ourselves. Be a part of the network of support, share your wisdom, expertise and organic seeds!

The NEW Garden Guide is welcomed with abundantly open minds, hearts, with action, ready to get our hands in the soil and absorb the nourishment nature has to offer!


This Garden Guide download link will be sent once your payment reflects and the physical calendar will come hot off the press.

2017-sojournal-garden-guide-cover-2  2017-sojournal-garden-guide-back-cover-2

This booklet contains these introductory articles:
– Sojournal 2017 Garden Guide introduction and contents
– Conversion tables
– 2017 Calendar double page spread
– 2016, 2017, 2018 calendar
– 2017 – A year of new beginnings – Numerology by MetaVarsity
– Chinese year of the fire Rooster and zodiac chart
– Native American Zodiac Animal Totem chart
– The moon influences our daily lives
– Moon cycle garden activity guide
– Planting harvest guide, estimated weeks from seed to harvest
– Elements of the Zodiac through the plants
– Zodiac mapping withing the plant
– Planets and their effects on mankind
– Zodiac signs and gardening –   Garden activities according to the sign influencing the moon
– Tissue salts relation to zodiac signs
– Biodynamic farming and origins
– Tropical, sidereal and scientific zodiac
– Permaculture, a brief definition
– Compost heap and Herbal fertiliser
– Herbal Insecticides

The 2017 Garden Guide calendar includes 6 content pages per month:
– List of seeds to plant according to the hemispheres, seasons and climate
– Garden activity guide according to moon cycles, including zodiac changes.
– Open month planner with small calendar of previous, current and next month
– Numerology month specific forecast by MetaVarsity
– Angel wisdom by Margi McAlpine, Angel Connection School
– Astrology blueprint for the beginning of each Zodiac sun cycle, including the related Tissue salt, Native American Totems and Crystals related to zodiac sign
– Concluding with January 2018 month planner with moon phases.

We invite you to send us photos and stories of your inspiring garden adventures.

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