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Guided garden activities in tune with the phases of the moon
Growing through our SA network since 2009The 2022 Planting calendar and Garden guide includes 2021 Spring months, blessing you and your garden with and daily guidance and companionship.


Sharing valuable local wisdom when we need it most

This is the 13th edition of the Planting Calendar, with the 3rd edition of the Garden Guide.

The Garden Guide theme is ‘Seeds & Food Security’, sharing advice from locals about sowing, harvesting, storing and saving to seed exchanging. Connecting you to community garden projects and all sorts of exciting things happening in SA today.

This edition includes a few upgrades, with some comparison sowing charts from 1958 to current, regional and climatically referenced. Encouraging you to log your gardening activity to map out your own chart.




2022 Planting Calendar wholesale presentation

Since the first edition I always knew these annual publications will “have their time” one day.

Low and behold, 2020 provided the ideal opportunity to dive deeply into research, upgrading the content quality. Here begins the gardening trend we have all been preparing for, while I didn’t anticipate how, this certainly is “our time” to share the valuable knowledge our community needs to activate food security. Our basic daily activities, can make small shifts with this guidance.

2021 has refused to allow us to have any hard copies!

I hereby take full responsibility for the absence of this editions hard copy and for your order if you have placed one. I wish to protect the reputation of our contributors featured in this editions directory pages and sharing contents in the Garden guide. The absence of hard copies has no connection to our contributors and supporters and should therefor not reflect on them at all.  It is my duty as publisher to ensure stock is available and on time, I am rectifying the matter, with the 2022 edition in September.

This “Seeds and food security” theme requires a lot more effort to plant!

See what you can be doing in your garden this month!

I encourage YOU to embrace the abundant gifts that Nature has to offer.

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The Planting Calendar, is an A3 full colour wall calendar, that folds up as an A4.
Accompanied by the A5 Garden Guide booklet, which is filled with helpful advice from
experienced and passionate South African gardeners,

Featured Directory contributors… 







The Garden Guide theme is ‘Seeds and Food Security’, these are the contents…

A major upgrade for the colour coded Moon activity guide in the Planting Calendar…

Monthly list of seeds to plant are recommended generally for SA seasons by

Watch this space for articles to be shared on the website, as we roll into the new year.

The 2020 Planting Calendar ….

The Planting Calendar is accompanied by the Garden Guide, which shares all sorts of insight.

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Garden Guide Contents

Editors’ introduction
What is organic gardening – Harry Goemans
Basis of lunar gardening
Moon phase activity guide
How to start a flower or vegetable garden – Lollies Garden
– While building an ecosystem
– Choosing the right location
– Choosing the type of flower / vegetable bed
– Raised bed
– Pots
– Planting directly in the soil
– Bed preparation
– Everyone needs a compost heap
– Selecting your plants
– Extra tips to aid growth
A new paradigm for city structures – Urban Farmer
– Health and nutrition
– Learning opportunity
– Feeding schemes
– Innovative techniques
– Reduce carbon emissions
– Sense of community
– A call for introducing Agrihoods in city planning

Save our country from drought
– Transpiration
7 ways to save water in your garden – Hecker Nursery
– Add mulch to your garden
– Employ Hydro-zoning
– Plant water-wise plants
– Check taps and tools
– Know when to water
– Know how to water
– Improve soil quality

Grey water harvesting – Water Rhapsody
– What is grey water
– Rules of grey water
Rainwater harvesting FAQ
– What sort of roof will maximise rainwater harvesting
– How to pressurise rainwater for household use

Graphic Directory
– Gratitude to our Planting Calendar suppliers
– – Autopot
– InDorSun – LED Grow Lighting
– Eco Tunnels – Accessories and solutions
– Yolo Compost Tumbler
– Bee Ware – Harnessing Nature’s Biodiversity
– Urban Farmer – Edible Gardens
– Hemp – Mushrooms – Plants – Rerooted Earth
– Daisy Fresh Hydroponics
Hydroponics – Daisy Fresh
– How hydroponics works
– Advantages to growing hydroponically
Introduction to Urban Agriculture – Happy Holdings
– The purpose of Urban Agriculture
– The current problem
– The role of hydroponics
– Urban farming
– Vertical growing
– Benefits of urban farming
– Conclusion – References

Organic DIY Remedies – Harry Goemans
– Getting rid of pests, the organic way
– Soft-bodied insects (mites, aphids, mealy bugs)
– Mites and other insects
– Fungal diseases
– Powdery mildew
– Insects and fungal diseases
– Insects on fruit trees
Home remedies and herbal fertiliser

Mulch mulch more – Hecker Nursery
– Benefits of mulch
– Different types of mulches
– Organic mulch
– Inorganic mulch
– Living mulches
– How much to apply

Hemp regeneration – Rerooted Earth

Planting harvest guide
Companion planting
Regional planting chart
National Nurseries and Wholesalers directory

These pages are best welcomed with abundantly open minds and hearts, ready to get our hands in the soil and absorb the nourishment nature has to offer. Get in touch and stay in tune!

See more details in the Directory, of the current Garden Guide’s content contributors …


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Now is the time to focus on what we can do, to connect to each other in a way that will support and sustain ourselves. Be a part of the network of support, share your wisdom, expertise and organic seeds!

We invite you to send us photos and stories of your inspiring garden adventures.


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