Planting Calendar

I encourage YOU to embrace the gifts Mother Nature has to offer.

The Planting Calendar, is an A3 full colour wall calendar, that folds up as an A4.
Accompanied by the A5 Garden Guide booklet, which is filled with helpful advice from
experienced and passionate South African gardeners, featuring a directory of local resources.

2018 Garden Guide booklet download

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The Panting Calendar is accompanied by the Garden Guide booklet, which shares all sorts of insight.

The Garden Guide aims to enrich our knowledge of gardening, encouraging a clearer, pro-active, understanding of the elements, assisting us to operate in alignment with nature’s cycles.

– The basis of lunar gardening
Moon phase activity guide
– Moon’s influences in our daily lives
– What is “good” soil?
Advice from pest control experts
– Make your own herbal insecticide and fertilisers
– Compost heap
– How to make a worm tower
– Water for nature, nature for water
– Save our country from drought
Greywater and rainwater harvesting
DaisyFresh Hydroponics
– Biodynamic farming
– Permaculture
– The amazing world of succulents
– Urban gardening and container gardening
– Harvesting seeds
– Beekeeping
– Companion planting chart
– Planting harvest guide
– South African Regional planting guide
– Organisations worth supporting
– National Nurseries and Wholesalers

These pages are best welcomed with abundantly open minds and hearts, ready to get our hands in the soil and absorb the nourishment nature has to offer. Get in touch and stay in tune!

See more details in the Directory, of the current Garden Guide’s content contributors …


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2019 – 2020 Planting Calendar Directory and Wholesale prices NEW

Now is the time to focus on what we can do, to connect to each other in a way that will support and sustain ourselves. Be a part of the network of support, share your wisdom, expertise and organic seeds!

We invite you to send us photos and stories of your inspiring garden adventures.


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We aim to enrich your knowledge of gardening, by encouraging you to operate in alignment with nature.