Bladder Nut – African Tree Essence


Diospyros whyteana | Family: EBENACEAE

Tree of Self-Knowledge

The bladder nut teaches us that being our authentic  self is all that is required. By removing the need to be other than who  we truly are, our life force is liberated. Paradoxically, in our  humility we access our true, authentic power. By bringing our awareness  to those parts of ourselves that we find shameful or unlovable, bladder nut may assist us in gaining a greater understanding of unconscious  patterns of behaviour that we then have the ability to transform. The bladder nut can assist us with centering and may enhance the sense of feeling at home in your own skin. Bladder nut essence may be helpful for mood swings, poor body-image, negative peer pressure and the challenges of puberty.  Bladder nut teaches us that everything is as it should be.

Use of Bladder Nut in Energetic Space Clearing: lightening of the atmosphere; clearing physical, emotional, electric and energetic smog. Helps to lift feelings of depression.