Void of Course Moon – Kevin McKee

Void of Course Moon in Magick
(2014 Sojournal)

The Moon, as one of the celestial bodies, the closest and most influential, has a huge effect on our daily lives.  Learning to work within the cycles of the Moon and taking cognisance of the Moon’s aspects can be hugely beneficial in our daily lives.  One of these aspects is the Void of Course Moon.
As a basic introduction before we get onto the “juicy stuff” – at it’s very essence the Moon affects water and the emotions, and as our bodies are mainly made up of water, it has an effect on us too.  To attune yourself to the cycles of the Moon can help you to understand why things haven’t worked in the past, and how you can influence your environment into the future.
Very simple and basic Moon Magick follows the following principles:  When the Moon is moving from Full to New (Waning Phase), focus on removing blockages and obstacles from your path.  When the Moon is moving from New to Full (Waxing), focus on drawing your dreams towards you, before re-evaluating and focusing on removing the next set of obstacles out of your way in the next waning phase and drawing your new dreams toward you in the next waxing phase….
During the Moon’s Cycle it also moves through the 12 signs of the Zodiac (as seen from Earth).  Each of the signs of the Zodiac has a special energy and influence over our lives as well and will influence the energy of the Moon that we use.  The details of these different signs and their influence can be found in any good book or website on Astrology so I am not going to go into too much detail here.
There is a hiccup here however, when the Moon is Void of Course.  What this means that for a few minutes, hours, or sometimes even days, the Moon leaves the last aspect of one sign and into the next sign and in energetic terms is “out of signal range” and, being a bit old fashioned, doesn’t have voicemail.  This means of course that the Moon’s influence is either greatly reduced, or “corrupted” and using Moon Energy during this time is not recommended and can have some unexpected results.
In practical terms this is not a reason to panic, just know that things started on the Void of Course Moon will only have your own personal energy to work with, and if you realise that a project you are having difficulty with was started on the Void of Course Moon, re-evaluate your strategy and know that you are on your own and need to use your own drive to make the project a success, and the chances are, however, that the results of your project will fall short of the expected results.
Things you can do during the Void of Course Moon
•    Inward work (self evaluation and introspection)
•    Mundane tasks (cleaning, washing etc)
•    Rest, relax and sleep
Things to try avoid during a Void of Course Moon
•    Job interviews / starting a new job
•    Signing agreements
•    Buy a house
•    Get married
•    Making life changing decisions
•    Starting a new relationship
•    Channeling
More advanced witches, magicians and the like can work around the Void of Course Moon but this takes a lot of focus and experience and is not recommended for people who are just beginning using the Moon in assisting them in their daily lives.