Wild Olive – African Tree Essence


Olea europaea sbsp africana | Family: OLEACEAE

Tree of Faith

The wild olive essence may be useful in times of need, despair or exhaustion – when fortitude, strength and protection are required. Wild olive´s energy offers faith and perseverance for the darkest hour before the  dawn. The image is of a rainbow of the clearest hues arching across an  endless sea and sky of blue. Wild olive essence may  encourage vocal self-expression and it holds a strength that may be  experienced as deeply comforting and reassuring.

This essence enlightens the throat chakrum.

Use of Wild Olive in Energetic Space Clearing:  brings a sparkle to the atmosphere; use to oxygenate a space, to bring  more vitality into it; to infuse goals with positive energy; to assist  occupants to function effortlessly and in harmony with the space.