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Do you want to manifest more abundance, wealth and financial flow?
You can do just that with Linda’s Abundance Journal.

We know that planning is essential; you have probably heard the saying:  “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” The Abundance Journal supports you with your planning, through templates and journaling pages.
Track and plan your incoming and outgoing flow.  Be clear about exactly where your money goes and much more….

The Abundance Journal is much more than a journal.  it is a practical guide to financial peace of mind. Linda’s Abundance Journal can be used as a practical resource to plan, review and experience abundance financial flow!
It provides one place to track and monitor your financial habits and supports you to make the necessary changes that will directly improve your financial future…

The Abundance Journal makes the perfect gift for any time of the year.

The journal is available in A5 size, hard cover format, a spine bound wrap around cover with magnetic closer.
Not only is the content great, but it looks smart too!   
You create a sacred space for your dreams and goals!

The Abundance Journal provides ‘one place’ to track:

  • your financial habits & practices
  • your saving goals & objectives
  • how well your money is working for you
  • your debt freedom plan to become debt free! (templates included)
  • your dreams….visualise, record and make your dreams come true, with your
    Abundance Journal companion!

What else will you find, inside the Abundance Journal?

  • Twelve Abundant Themes, nestled between your journal pages. A few examples are: Learn how to Play the Abundance Game, Uncover or discover your limiting Money Beliefs, Commit to building your Assets, learn about the importance of Paying Yourself First and the Power of Gratitude and Giving.  All wrapped up in abundance and love!
  • Twelve financial tracking sheets, plus goal setting charts.
  • Money tips and inspirational quotes too!
The Abundance Journal is presented in a hard cover format, with a spine bound, wrap around cover & magnetic closure!

~  A sacred space for your dreams and goals!  ~

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