2023 Sojournal Diary and Personal Guide

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Reviving our deeply loved companion, embraced by many ‘Soul Journey’ fellow travelers 2008 – 2018

So this is my Journey….

Considering the tiny amount of space available in the content intro pages section of the diary over the years. There’s simply not enough space to share the valuable information available on each oracle or symbol referred to in the pages of the diary.

Sojournal – daily guide to planetary and zodiac movements

A comprehensive guide book sharing details of each symbol found in the daily guide booklet.

Sojournal Daily Guide

Western Astrology Planetary movements
Phases of the moon, SA time, including Void of Course
Tissue Salts aligned with Zodiac sign of the moon
Mayan Oracle and Tone (Dreamspell and Longcount)

Native American Totem Animal
Planetary events for the month ahead
Zodiac Sun sign and related Tissue Salts



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