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 Claim your Financial Power

Abundance Money Diary™ offers a tangible solution to the MONEY STRESS in your life, and it will also help you to take back your time and manage your schedule, allowing you to focus on your BIG goals while still navigating the daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities of running your home.  It is designed to help you find the CLARITY that you crave, to allow you to be the best version of yourself—the mom and wife and friend and person you want to be—while giving you permission to make your dream a reality.

Manifest your Goals with Ease

We all know about the importance of setting a goal, in fact, anybody can SET a goal. The key ingredient following setting your goal is actually following through with ACTION to ACHIEVE that goal. The reality is that most people are much better at setting goals than they are at actually achieving them.  It’s pretty easy to think about all those things you would like to do or be someday, or even to make a list of all the things you would like to do this year or this month. But how do you make sure that those distant dreams and far off goals become reality?   You need a plan to manifest that goal and make it a reality. As the Universe reminders us: Intention is your Gig, Miracles are mine. To MANIFEST those miracles, you need to bring clarity to what you want. It is about being clear in what you are asking for. The Abundance Money Diary™ will help you to do just that.


Do you want to have Financial Peace of Mind?

And do you ever wish you had permission to make your dreams a priority? Well, you are not alone. You may be a busy wife, a mom or a small business owner, (or all three) and you feel that pressure every day as you work to balance the demands.

This amazing resource Abundance Money Diary, gives you the ONE PLACE to help you gather your thoughts and bring order to your money. It is a tool that will help you, not only plan your days, but help you track your budget, plan your goals, organise your day to day spending, most importantly, to help you to MANIFEST your goals.


With the thoughtfully-designed layout and inspirational financial themes, Linda’s Abundance Money Diary will inspire and enable you to take back your power with your money, manage your cash flow, allowing you to focus on both your short term and your long-term goals while navigating the daily, weekly, and monthly financial responsibilities of your life.  The ebb and flow of budgeting to expanding your income flow, it is the CLARITY CREATOR that you have been waiting for, that will change your life, when you USE IT!


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