Recommended reading

These are some of the books I have read along my travels, which I highly recommend..

When I set out on my journey at the tender age of 19, ready to embrace my hearts ‘calling’, this book spoke to me and guided me with the ‘tools’ I needed as a ‘warrior’ of my path. I will never forget what the intro says (this is my recollection, so words might not be accurate)…

“Everyone get the ‘call of the eagle’ at some point in their lives, either they choose to stop what the are doing and follow their hearts-calling to their true purpose, or they ignore it and continue on their familiar path. If you choose to follow the call, then keep reading, if not, stop now, for this is a journey of no return.”

Cry of the Eagle – Theun Mares

This is the second volume of a Theun Mares series, starting with “Return of the Warrior” and followed by “The Mists of Dragon Lore” and a few more. I personally only connected with this book and kept it as reference for many years, until it called itself to someone else’s path and moved on.

Surprisingly, Theun Mares was born in Zimbabwe and studied at the University of Cape Town. This may not have been the reason I resonated with his book, but it certainly is comforting to know that this author, as one of many internationally acknowledged Toltec teachers, grew up in our country. Take a look at his other books and see if they resonate with you…

Another book that prepared me for my sojourn is The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield…

As for the Mayan Calendar, this book is where I transcribed most of the Mayan oracle wisdom shared in the Sojournal and Guide book. It has the best Mayan Gems you need for your exploration into understanding and unlocking the keys within.

Jaguar Wisdom: Mayan Calendar Magic (Contemporary practice of Mayan Shamans)
– Ken Johnson

The above book has a conversion chart for your to calculate your birth Mayan Oracle, however, this is the most practical, creative and easy reference to keep handy…

Mayan Calendar Conversion Codex – Ian Xel Lungold
Who also shares very informative videos of his lectures on the origins of the calendar on his website

One of the books I have in my collection as a good introduction….

How to practice Mayan Astrology – The Tzolkin calendar and your life path
– Bruce Scofield and Barry C Orr

As well as this one for lighter reading…

Beyond 2012 – James Endredy

For the Gardeners!

In my early 20’s I lived on a farm outside Knysna for a few years, basically ‘re-raising’ myself from the city ‘street wise’ kid to being ‘nature wise’. This is where my intrigue for gardening in tune with the moon cycles began. I had my little green house, where I logged my garden activities and the position of the moon at the time of sowing the seed, monitoring the plants’ progress until harvest. This is a recommended exercise as part of getting to know your garden and the potency of planting within the guidelines of the moon cycles.  This is the GEM of a book, which I recommend as the first to hits your collection! All you need to know about companion planting.

Carrots love tomatoes – Secrets of companion planting for successful gardening
– Louise Riotte

The one time I read two books at once, they were remarkably in tune with each other. “Behaving as if the God in all life Mattered” by Machaelle Small Wright,  is about a woman who dedicated her life to her farm where she tuned into the world of nature spirits and devas. Somewhere in her book she describes how she read “The Magic of Findhorn” by Paul Hawkin, and applied the advice within it. This happened to be the other book I was reading simultaneously to hers.

Quite excited, I immediately implemented these theories in my own garden and life and I know for sure it has made an impact on my understanding of these energies beyond our physical world, where we can ‘see more’ than what initially meets the eye.

The Discovery of Self through Native Teachings

Great Mystery

Original Source of Creation,
The Void of All That Is,
Thank you for the breath of life,
Thank you for my gifts,
Eternal Mystery, touch my heart,
In Beauty may I walk.
Sacred Mystery , be my guide,
So I may Walk my Talk.
Infinite Source, remain with me,
So I may always know,
The warmth of your Eternal Flame,
Deep within my soul.
– Sacred Path card deck, by Jamie Sams

This deck of cards has been a valuable guide to learning about the Native American way of life. Each card shares a sweet poem, a detailed description of the source of it’s meaning, as well as a practical modern world application of the message.

For the keen Astrologers…

Content shared in the Sojournal is sourced from these books.

Aspects in Astrology – Sue Tompkins

Planets in Transit: Life cycles for living – Robert Hand

In all honesty, I don’t actually read that much, which is a strange thing to admit for a publisher. The books I have read are the ones that really grabbed my attention and added knowledge that I could practically apply to my life, as with the books described above. These books share some of the theories I learnt and tested, then crafted together to illustrate in the publications for others to understand easily. I see it like presenting the cream of the cake of each topic, which you can taste and then choose to delve deeper to find out more for yourself.