Mayan Tzolkin

1The Mayan Calendar

The mayan calendar is the basis on which I began creating this publication. Starting out as the ‘Astro Mayan Calendar’ in 2001 and growing every year with detail and information, which is now presented at this Sojournal. I realised the importance of connecting with our ancestors and the ancient teachings are invaluable to us in our modern, fast paced lives. When the Astro Mayan calendar grew into the Sojournal in 2008, it became a space to share a variety of Ancient cultural teachings, such as the Chinese and Native American Zodiac. As this calendar moves on into a new cycle, I feel it is our time to create our own history, as we always have, though now we can do it with the power of knowledge. The doors of knowledge have been opened to us via modern technology, the internet being one of them, and the equipment to be able to calculate and perceive so much more.

I invite you, to continue your journey as your own story teller and empower yourself with your own inner wisdom. Utilise the teachings you are drawn to, as somewhere in there lies the keys to your own inner wisdom and ancestory.

During 2012 the Mayan calendar comes to the end of a cycle and is now entering the beginning of a new cycle, spanning over a long period of time. The calendar itself consists of many smaller cycles within this big one, just as we have days within months within years in our Gregorian calendar. The Cycle that just came to an end and a new beginning is one of 5130 years.

It is complicated to pinpoint and exact date that the calendar ends, as there were many different versions of this calendar, and a lot of the mayan texts were destroyed by a Catholic priest , Diego de Landa. Being a good Roman Catholic, and a carrier of the Intolerance Meme, Landa was furious – he saw this as a betrayal, and started an inquisition that resulted in torture and death across the Yucatan region. He was determined to wipe out all knowledge of the Mayan religion, and saw the Mayan language and hieroglyphs as a key. Fifty years later, in 1699, Spanish soldiers burned a town that had the last school of scribes who knew the Mayan hieroglyphs. By 1720, not a single person alive knew what the hieroglyphs meant.

It took over two hundred years, and an international team of linguists, anthropologists, archeologists, mathematicians, an architect, a few brilliant hobbyists, and one twelve-year-old child prodigy hieroglyphics expert, to undo the damage that Landa caused. Armed with their fierce determination and perseverance, they recovered the written language, bit by bit, word by word, symbol by symbol. Thanks to this dedicated group, the meaning of almost 90% of the hieroglyphs is now recovered.


There are also a few modified and updated versions, such as the Dreamspell. José Argüelles founded the ‘Planet Art Network’ and the ‘Foundation of Law and Time’ and he invented the Dreamspell calendar, which is based on the modern interpretation of the Mayan calendar. It was initiated in 1987 and released as a board game in 1993. Argüelles interprets this calendar as part of what he calls a ‘radiogenetic game board’ that relates to both the I-Ching, the 64-unit DNA code, and many other “divinatory” systems, including the cosmology of Ibn al-Arabi of the 28 lunar mansions and the 22 Major Arcanum of the Tarot.

The Dreamspell is the calendar that indicates the 21st December 2012 as the end of the calendar. But who is to really say, as us humans are not equiped to handle the entire perception of the universe, are we? Only to understand parts of it, where together we make up the whole.

Long Count

The Long Count is more directly connected to the Ancient roots and teachings of the original mayan texts. This can be explored by reading the teachings of Ian Xel Lungold which can be found on their website,

The first day of the long count begins on August 13th in the year 3114 BC. In writing a date for an event the date is the Initial Series Introductory Glyph

1 Bak’tun=20 K’atun=144,000 days

1 K’atun=20 Tun=7,200 days

1 Tun=18 Winal=360 days

1 Winal=20 K’in=20days

1 K’in=1 day

Monday, January 1, 1996 was 1,865,799 days after the starting date or 12 bak’tun, 19 k’atun, 2 tun, 13 winal, and 19 k’in

This can be written as

Feel free to learn more about this topic in depth, as it certainly is an eye opener to the bigger scheme of space and time.

Another perception, by Carl Johan Calleman, an author and speaker on the millenarian New Age interpretation of the Mayan calendar known as Mayanism. He differs from professional Mayanists in seeing 28th October 2011 and not 21st December 2012 as a significant date.

“I have come to realize that all inner conflicts stem from one root conflict having to do with our core sense of self-identity. If we are not truly anchored to who we truly are as a being of Pure Awareness, Love and Spirit, then we wind up trying to find our identity in many other things that are not nearly as expansive. Then, we try our hearts out to get free of what feels like restrictive limitations and for all the effort it never seems to bear much fruit. For every limitation we liberate ourselves from, three more show up.” – Carl Johan Calleman

Feel free to explore more on his website,

Mayan Calendar and the Sojournal…

What ever the level of understanding or view point on this topic, I would like to continue sharing the basic teachings of the oracles themselves, as they played a big roll in the unlocking of my understanding of myself, my path and calling.

If it draws you in, then take your time to get to know each oracle and its meaning. You can find deeper descriptions of these oracles (and more) on the Sojourney website. Download the booklet from the website, as there are too many pages to include in this diary. Find the basic introduction to each oracle here as a quick reference.

Julisa Petersen

Imix – ee’meesh – Red Dragon – Nurturing; Birth; Being. The divine nurturance of the primordial mother and source of life, Imix deals with issues of nourishment and receptivity. It is the undivided primal waters.
Ik – eek – White Wind – Communicate; Spirit; Breath. Ik is the spirit breath of inspiration that brings to you the truths of spontaneity and simplicity as you breathe consciously and flow free like the wind.
Akbal – ak’bal – Blue Night – Dreams; Abundance; Intuition. The dark, mysterious abyss within the self creates a sanctuary of stillness for dream exploration to create new realities.
Kan – Yellow Seed – Targets; Flowering; Awareness. Kan is self germination, fertile ground and the ordered patterns of growth. Kan is the creation and gestation of new possibility.
Chic-chan – cheeck’ chan – Red Serpent – Surviving; Life force; Instinct. Deals with survival and vitality, passion, desires, and instinct. It is the kundalini energy of creativity and integration.
Cimi – kee mee – White World Bridger – Equalises; Death; Opportunity. Release and forgiveness are the corner stones of death and transformation, opening the doors to unconditional love. Humility brings revelation.
Manik – man eek’ – Blue Hand – Knowledge; Accomplishment; Healing. Seen as completion, it is the opening of new levels of ‘being’ and ‘doing.’ Manik indicates your skills and tools.
Lamat – la mat’ – Yellow Star – Beautify; Elegance; Art. Lamat is the expanded view of the larger self and a new perception of your reality. Becoming harmony in the return path to the stars.
Muluc – moo’look – Red Moon – Purify; Universal water; Flow. Sustains and protects like the sheath over the raindrop. Muluc is the remembrance of recurrent cycles like the flowing of water.
Oc – oak – White Dog – Love; Heart; Loyalty. Relationships with your loyal pets, friends and guides are fruitful allies to protect you from feeling isolated.
Chuen – chu’wen – Blue Monkey – Play; Magic, Illusion. Represents divine innocence, spontaneity and joyful wonder. Chuen is the trickster that reminds you of the magic of playing.
Eb – Yellow Human – Influences; Free will; Wisdom. Eb is the empty and receptive cup, it can be filled by the abundance of the harvest of plenty.
Ben – Red Skywalker – Explores space; Wakefulness. Ben is the space-traveler that endures fragmentation journeying into the mysterious unknown, finding new directions through courage and compassion.
Ix – ee’sh – White Wizard – Enchant; Receptivity. Integrity and heart-knowing aligns you with divine will and its endless possibility. Ix is the shaman and wizard that can see, like the jaguar in the night.
Men – Blue Eagle – Create; Vision; Mind. Creates higher visions of global consciousness and its compassionate service and commitment. Men holds hope in dreams and visions.
Cib – keeb – Yellow Warrior – Questions Intelligence; Fearlessness. The galactic warrior and conduit for divine communication of consciousness. Cib is opening to your inner voice through meditation.
Caban – ca’ban – Red Earth – Evolves; Navigation; Synchronicity. Caban is the gardener who, through relevance of all life, heals and sanctifies the earth and preserves the harmonic balance of nature.
Etznab – ets’nab – White Mirror – Reflect; Endlessness; Order. The sword of truth that cuts the illusion of shadows and reflections in the mirror to bring discrimination and clarity.
Cauac – ka’wak – Blue Storm – Catalyst; Self-generation; Energy. The shedding and transformation that catalyses the completion process that moves you from separation to ascension.
Ahau – a how – Yellow Sun – Enlighten; Universal fire; Life. The access of your limitless self through unconditional love for all Creation.