White Pear – African Tree Essence


Apodytes dimidiata | Family: ICACINACEAE

Tree of Joy

The white pear tree connects you with your heart´s  desire – this is a hugely uplifting, joyful tree that opens your eyes to  the beauty of life. White pear has a wonderfully  exuberant, feminine energy that enhances self-acceptance and  open-heartedness. It may assist you with finding your path in life  provided that you have the commitment to follow through with what is  asked of you. In other words, commitment activates this essence –  without it, the essence will not come to its full potential. The white pear may be a good essence to use when you need to manifest abundance in your life.

Use of White Pear in Energetic Space Clearing: to  bring elements together into a harmonious whole. Use it with occupants  to encourage a clear vision of their goals. Use it to generate flow  around the property.