Saffronwood – African Tree Essence



Cassine papilosa | Family: CELASTRACEAE


Tree of Tears


The saffronwood essence may be helpful for  tender-hearted souls who are easily bruised by life, and for those who  feel their emotions very deeply.  The energy of this tree offers comfort  for hurt, loss, grief or tearfulness. Saffronwood may  assist with voicing one’s troubles or fears and may be beneficial for  young children who suffer from home-sickness or who struggle to adjust  to school.  This essence may balance over-protective parents who are  irrationally fearful for the safety of their children.


Use of Saffronwood in Energetic Space Clearing:   brings joyfulness and an optimistic energy into the house. Use to infuse  the home with positivity and to regenerate old patterns; use to enliven  areas of stagnation.