Rock Alder – African Tree Essence


Canthium mundianum | Family: RUBIACEAE

Tree of Bliss

The rock alder essence may enhance sensuality,  bringing in a fresh, youthful energy. It may be helpful for maintaining  boundaries and balance in relationships. It may be especially helpful  for those who idealize their partners or whom have co-dependency issues.  The rock alder essence may bring balance to the inner  male and female energies so that the need to feel “completed” by another  is no longer necessary. Rock alder essence may aid  with expressing our inner-most feelings and so assist with fostering  increased trust and harmony within intimate relationships.

This essence enlightens the sacral chakrum.

Use of Rock Alder in Energetic Space Clearing: its  effect is like a quiet, moonlit pool – use it to bring quiet  regeneration of the spirit into the home; use to tone down frenetic  energy and to provide a still centre.