Milkwood – African Tree Essence


Sideroxylon inerme | Family: SAPOTACEAE

Tree of Wholeness

The energy of the milkwood tree brings a deep sense  of connection and belonging. This is a nurturing and supportive tree and  this essence may balance feelings of insecurity and lack of grounding. Milkwood essence may be helpful for nightmares and fears of the unknown. This essence may be useful for adjusting to changes in the family  structure brought about through loss or divorce. The energy of the  milkwood tree can assist us with feeling at home in the world – it  connects you with your personal power, and may remind us on a cellular  level that we are all one family – each of us loved and needed and cared  for.

This essence enlightens the root chakrum.

Use of Milkwood in Energetic Space Clearing: to  introduce or to re-establish a sense of sanctity and to anchor the  spiritual aspect. Steadies and firms up energy; embodies energy of the  wood element; provides a “container” to anchor energy; clears away  dross; connects different kingdoms.