Our Journey

We are all in this together, always have been and always will be the creators of our life Journey.

In 2001 Julisa, a 21 year old traveler, seeking her purpose and creating her unique path in the world wanted to share her experience and ‘gems of wisdom’ she discovered that had guided her journey. Blending both sides of the mind, creative and calculating expressions, her 1st calendar was born, the Astro Mayan calendar. This calendar shared the daily moon cycles, the Mayan and Zodiac teachings and was accompanied with a guide book. The intention was to connect peoples daily and modern lives with Universal and Ancient teachings, providing tools that enable us to see beyond the mundane. With a young absorbent mind, her fascination and appetite for useful, (self help) information drove Julisas passion, creating her sense of duty and contribution to share these treasures with the world in the most appealing and understanding form.

This vision initiated a life ‘calling’ to continue producing the product which evolved every year with each new edition. The high demand and hunger for more information moved the Calendar to became the Sojournal in 2008, featuring a wider variety of teachings and modalities. Julisa invited professionals on board to share and contribute interesting articles in the Sojournal introducing their modalities. The contributors involvement adds value and credibility to the Sojournal. Along with the Sojournal the company name ‘Sojourney’ was born.
The Sojournal has been a hub of amazing connections being made in all directions, every year something new. We are honoured to have met and joined passionate travelers along the way.

Simultaneous to the development of her annual publications, Julisa enjoyed DJing and sharing the magic music has to offer. Dance is her favorite forms of release, creating a sense of freedom no words can describe. Her style of ‘reading’ the crowd and piloting an uplifting sound journey welcomed the demand that nurtured her skills to accommodate a wide variety of moods, styles and beats to suit all tempos.
Julisa’s passion for music and supporting musicians lead her to discover the world of radio presentation in 2011 at her local radio station, Knysna FM 97.0, broadcasting in the Knysna bowl and via www.knysnafm.co.za . Having played only dance music for 12 years this opened a door to all genres of commercial music, providing a platform to express her passion of sharing and giving her life a whole new meaning.  Julisa finds great pleasure in playing music that shares meaning and pointing out the subtleties in the messages of the songs. There is always an anecdote for every mood and emotion in music.

Sojourney evolved into Custom Creation in 2013 with the desire to reach more audience and branch out into offering custom designs and diaries to the commercial world. Now offering what you see on this website and so much more on the way.

Being a radio presenter, DJ, MC, graphic designer, publisher and now a multi media Agent, Julisa has so much to offer and accommodate, it’s too much to fit into one website. We doing our best to illustrate the dynamic and varied forms we offer to accommodate setting your vision into motion.