Old Armoire

Old Armoire specialises in painted furniture in the French and Belgian tradition. All our furniture is hand-painted, decorated and glazed using materials and recipes that have stood the test of time for centuries; and all but forgotten in favor of mass-production.

Old Armoire is not a factory churning out countless copies. It is two passionate individuals who are prepared to invest time and expertise to ensure a superlative finish and a patina of age. We can accommodate only a few choice pieces of furniture in our workshop at any given time. You will find no mass-production or spray-booths at Old Armoire. We work with our hands and use our hard-earned expertise. We think you will agree that the results speak for themselves.

Please feel free to contact us with your furniture or kitchen-painting requests at the.old.armoire@gmail.com

View the full port folio as a PDF download here: Old Armoire Portfolio
Here are some samples of our work…