Release Ritual – Stella Seaspirit

Ritual to Release the Past Year and Embrace the New
(2014 Sojournal)

Often the energy of the end of the calendar year drives us to look at what we wish to create ahead of us anew in the year to come. In truth, we need not look back since that is not where we are going. Yet, at times the past can restrict us from moving forward with ease.
There is sacredness in acknowledging both your challenges and blessings, what you learnt, experienced and triumphed in the year gone by. So take a moment to quietly reflect what you wish to release. For example; unanticipated difficulties, heartache, drama, stress… so that you can proceed untethered.
Breathe deeply and bring yourself to a grounded, centred state. Take your self back to each moment and reflect on how things played out, detaching from any emotional triggers you may be feeling. Let emotions erupt one by one and flush them from your energy field down into the Earth for transmutation.
Consider your role in what transpired. Pull in understanding of any other parties involved’s roles at the time. Extract what you can now appreciate from the experience. If you are unable to find some lesson learned or wisdom from this, ask your Spirit Helpers (or your preference) to reveal it to you in time.
If you feel that you erred, forgive yourself for your behaviour, for allowing whatever happened to occur, for choosing a different tack. You are not forever tarnished with a big black mark on your soul. All is expansion and self-forgiveness returns you to balance, restoring your resilience. You didn’t come here to exhibit perfection. You came to learn and experience through flaws fabulously before you return to perfection.
Imagine shining silvery strands of energy emanating from the scene flowing from it toward you as you draw the strands into your energy field. Keep drawing in this silvery energy as it is your power and aspects of Self which you are now reclaiming.
When you feel there is no more to draw back into you, tell your Spirit Helpers that you now sever all ties to the experience forever more and that you wish to return any stagnant, unclaimed or moribund energy to its Source for transmutation.
Repeat as many times as you wish for any number of events from the closing year. When you are done with all the matters you want to release and have reclaimed all the energy invested. State, “It is done” three times to close. You can leave an offering of thanks if you so wish.

Embracing the New
Give thanks for what has passed and open up your energy to the possibilities unfurling before you.
Note the following in your Sojournal;
•    What do I want to accomplish in the coming year?
•    How am I going to break it down into smaller manageable action steps?
•    What can I do differently this year?
•    Who do I want to become this year? How do I want to feel this year?

Write down specifically what you want to accomplish and why i.e. how it will impact on benefiting others in a ripple effect. Even if it’s just a salary increase, what would you be investing your money in, supporting service providers etc.
Personal goals are what you want to accomplish as an individual (lifestyle, fitness, spiritual), business and financial goals are how you want to be of more service to people and social goals include loved ones and friends.

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