October 2014 Astrology

Astrology for this month, by Michelle McClunan


The temperature’s rising again this month with two eclipses. The flame is ignited by the lunar eclipse in Aries on the 8th October and fanned by the airy sun in Libra, both of which are activating the Uranus Pluto square, which I’ve mentioned is all about (global and personal) challenge, change and transformation. This time, the area of one-on-one relationships is being highlighted, be they with romantic partners, close friends or colleagues. Astrology works on the principle of the cosmic dance “out there” being mirrored within each of us – ”As is the macrocosm, so is the microcosm”.  This full moon, the planets are doing a tango, the dancers moving in an exquisite, exciting and rather beautiful tension. However, if ego’s get in the way and both partners are determined to lead, it can very easily end up as a “not-so-pretty” toe stomping exercise. The challenge this month is to be in the dance, own your power, keep a check of your ego and see what the other person is mirroring or bringing to the surface for you. Every interaction, even when it triggers unwanted feelings, is a gift and how we engage with it is a part of our growth and transformation. On the solar eclipse (New Moon) in Scorpio, meditate on what you can do to transform your relationships.

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