Garden Guide Articles

These interesting tips, (found in the drop down box on the ‘Articles’ tab above) have been shared in past editions of the Garden Guide, which accompanies the Planting Calendar. Do contact us to share your tips and advice to make gardening easier and it can be included in the Guide book with your contact details.

Our intention is to get everyone in this beautiful green planet to be growing something, be it herbs, veggies or flowers and we want to make it as exciting and easy as possible to do so. We, as a human species, have become so far removed from our natural instinct to grow food and sustain ourselves that we have forgotten what our ancestors always knew. Now it is becoming necessary to remember and apply the old ways in order to survive and live a healthy life. Join us as we help each other on a mission to make the future a greener place.

It just takes that extra nudge of encouragement and effort to support and guide each other to get going, then our natural instinct kicks in and we do remember, because it is in our genetic coding to be at one with nature.