Invite your 2021 Sustainable companions home…

We are excited to launch the 2021 Sustainable Living Diary!

Along with the 2021 Planting Calendar and Garden Guide, featuring the theme of “Seeds and Food Security” being the hot topic of our time and the first obvious step on our journey to sustainability within our South African communities… these are such exciting times. I always knew the Planting Calendar would ‘have it’s time’.. and now, it’s totally in fashion, as never before has gardening been such a socially networked topic, where we are all learning through sharing our experiences with each other.

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These publications are introduced in more detail on their various web pages, so I am giving you the breakdown, where you can click on each image to explore details or place your order.
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Introducing the 13th edition of the Planting Calendar…

Guiding your garden activities in tune with the moon.. SA seasons and times

Accompanied by the Garden Guides 3rd edition, which is your little A5 garden reference book with info you will need when looking for which seeds to plant when, with some comparison charts, companion planting, organic fertilisers, pest remedies and the like. You will find valuable advice from some of our locals, available for you to learn more.
“Seeds and Food Security” is the theme of our times.. you excited to look inside?
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Introducing the first 2021 Sustainable Living Diary, ripe for our times!


January 2021 Sustainable Living Diary download

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January 2021 Sustainable Living Diary download

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These publications compliment each other, giving you the full experience of sustainable guidance throughout the year. Using the calendar to plan your gardening, with the diary to journal your experience and learn more, along with the timeless Garden Guide you can keep on your shelf as reference for years to come.

We welcome 2021, ready to embrace our purpose on this planet!

Your support is appreciated.
By supporting each other we support ourselves. It’s the way to go and us South Africans have what it takes, in abundance, we are well on our way to sustainability already.

Blessed be the journey,

Julisa Petersen

083 334 7089

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2 responses to “Invite your 2021 Sustainable companions home…”

  1. Marie Avatar

    Hi, I’m an amateur Gardner but love the idea of sustainability and being able to provide for my own tastes and needs through my garden. As the number of Gardner’s seems to be growing it is a concern to me that the earth needs untouched spaces in our communities for the wildlife still left, to survive. It’s always a concern when I see comments like “…as you turn every patch of earth around your hood into an edible […]…”.
    Could we find ways to make people conscious of leaving suitable space for other creatures to live and have feeding grounds please.

  2. Julisa Petersen Avatar
    Julisa Petersen

    Hi Marie

    I totally agree with you. This is a good point to include in the next Garden Guide edition, thank you. I am blessed with a massive open space over the road from my house where I’d like us to create communal space. I’d catch those occasional comment in the social group about “we must make a park, the municipality must flatten it and lay some grass for us to take our kids” To which I proclaim, the land already has the most exquisite indigenous plants and stunning flowers. It is also riddled with rubbish and killer wild grass, along with a good few weeds I pull out when I see them. Those black seeds that stick to your clothing… eish. It also gets Khaki bos, which I have harvested for insecticide. Yesterday I cleared some strangling grass to help the one pincushion bush to survive.
    My point is, I am entering my second year here in this hood, with my very first garden of my own.. which has boomed with life. I have sent a proposal to the people about organically creating communal space. In a way that highlights the indigenous beauty and with the use of the rocks that are laying around we can carve a path to an opening for a kids play park and gathering space. While keeping most of the space wild, we can co exist and learn about our natural environment along the way.
    I envision some beds to grow those creeping veggies that would take over my garden.. like pumpkin, butternut. We harvested 4 watermelons during lockdown, which also creeps everywhere. While in the field it would not be noticed among the bushes. What the space can provide is more exchanges of ideas, seeds, plants, home grown food eventually.. to establish some local sustainability in our hood, where we already supporting local.

    So yes… may your point be heard.

    Thank you.


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