December 2018 Numerology – By MetaVarsity

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December 2018 – 23/5

Time to LIVE a little. This month should have you in high spirits – basically high on LIFE! By now you should be quite comfortable riding the highs and the lows of life, and embracing both, knowing that there is nothing that can break your spirit. I feel excited just looking at the number 23!

December should bring a feeling of friendship, companionship and a sense of personal freedom. What a lovely energy for a December holiday season of festivities, family and friends. This should be a very different vibe to that of December 2017 last year, which was not a festive vibration at all.

This energy is creative, team-focused, friendly, diplomatic, yet exciting and a little quirky and spontaneous. I suspect many of you made new friends and found your soul families this year. These may be young friendships, although you may feel as if you have known them forever.

This is the holiday season where you will likely come up with new ways of socialising, perhaps pooling resources and all contributing in some way to celebrate new friendships and new positive feelings around the festive season. You may find new and different activities to bond with and new ideas around sharing meals.

December will bring in a feeling of freedom; a feeling that anything is possible and achievable. It is a beautiful energy ahead of the energy that will prevail in 2019 – a creative, fun and playful vibe. Now just onwards and upwards! Wow for getting through these past few years!

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