November 2018 Numerology – By MetaVarsity

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November 2018 – 22/4*

Shew – a 22/4* month in an 11/2* year. This could potentially be a magnificent month for those functioning in the positives of these master numbers. The 22 can put into form and manifest the inspiration and visions that the 11 has. This could be a long-awaited period where all we have been dreaming of can become reality.

This feels like a month of spiritual breakthroughs and downloads. These energies feel so tangible and real as if I could reach out and touch them; as if the veil between worlds is ultra-thin and boundaries blurred. Much insight can be gained and put into practice at this time. It almost feels as if heaven could be manifested on earth. Indeed, whatever you are thinking will manifest, so be sure to check your every thought at this time.

The sensitivities of these high frequencies may catch you unaware. You may find that you are more psychic than usual and feel a little out of sorts. In that case, you may need more grounding.

The root number 4, is a number of honesty, integrity, hard work and putting things into form; of planning the work ahead. It is earthy, practical and systematic. The number 22 does this on a higher level – the level of manifestation and sacred geometry and designs. I am wondering if we are going to see a change in the way houses are designed and built.

Keep busy this month. Nutrition is very important this month, as is laughter.

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