September 2018 Numerology – By MetaVarsity

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September 2018 – 20/2

The year energies are now in full swing. Breathe and take things a little easy. Hopefully the political powers in the world will come to peaceful resolutions and agreements this month.

Be helpful. Compromise to keep the peace, without becoming too submissive. Diplomacy is called for in this very sensitive month.

Maintain friendly and harmonious relationships with others. You could make new friends, begin a new romance or enter into a new work partnership. Generally, work towards a peaceful and harmonious month. You may need to cultivate tact and diplomacy and focus on teamwork this month. Resolve any conflicts in a cooperative manner and try not to take things personally. Be an ambassador for peaceful negotiations.

Be patient, and let all the things happen naturally. Go with the flow: float if you can. Have a little faith in the Universe. Meditate and listen to the small, still voice of your soul. Force or forging ahead this month will only have you hitting your head against brick walls.

However, this does not mean dependency on others, nor does it mean being a doormat. Tears and sulking will not get the desired results. Just stay calm. Go quietly about your day and this sensitive and slower phase will pass peacefully.

Be mindful of small details and read the fine print before signing contracts. Review contracts, income tax records and policies.

Whatever you do, avoid gossip and bitchiness of any description.

Music will soothe the soul. Meditate and get in touch with your higher self.

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