October 2018 Numerology – By MetaVarsity

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October 2018 – 21/3

This could be a fun, social and happy month. You could slowly start feeling the deep and sensitive energies of 2018 begin to make way for a happier and lighter 2019. You should see the results of your year’s efforts, acknowledge the growth, and begin to enjoy the fruits of the spiritual growth in the world. Celebrate your accomplishments!  Have a party!

Use October’s power of “Cosmic Consciousness” and creative thinking as a renewal for the body and the mind. Imagine a bright future. Find activities that bring joy to your life and let that energy attract your greatest joy into your life. Sing. Dance. Play.

Number 3 is the number of words and communication. Edit communications carefully. Speak positively. This is a good month to sign up for a communications course or for voice training.

On the other end of the scale, if you are feeling depressed, back track to January this year, and see what is lingering, as the energies are similar. If this feeling has persisted all year, please talk about it and do whatever it takes to find the inner strength to address this and to clear the underlying pain. Depression is a sure sign of being “off course”, as being aligned to your destiny and purpose bring immense joy and fulfilment, so there is a spiritual gift at the end of this path – the blessing in the pain.

Watch children at play and learn from your observations. When last did you play?

Be mindful of over-indulging or over-spending.

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