August 2018 Numerology – By MetaVarsity

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August 2018 – 19/10*

This month has strong yang energies. Are you abusing power and manipulating others? Are you feeling powerless? Both scenarios are egos out of balance. It is a month where any manipulation or power abuse could potentially backfire on you, as 19 is a karmic number.

New long-term projects can be started this month. Careful decisions should be taken to get the best results in future. Set those goals and visualise and “feel” the outcome. Use your innovative side and maintain your originality.

This month is aimed at moving you forward. Ethical issues might arise, so don’t be tempted to look the other way in a matter concerning integrity. Speak out in defence of the weak and downtrodden. Be wary about making decisions at the expense of someone else.

If you have not yet stepped into your own power, are dependent on others, or even just holding yourself back for fear of failure, situations may force you to take initiative. Be bold and take that step. This may arise after leaving a marriage, being retrenched, or as a result of the death of a loved one or spouse. Whatever the situation, take the first step forward. Take comfort knowing that you elected to incarnate into this situation, for exactly this reason. Blame nobody. Take action and know that you are stronger than you may think.

Become independent! Take control of your life. Lead with compassion. As this is an 11/2* universal year, take others into consideration with every decision you make.

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