June 2018 Numerology – by MetaVarsity

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June 2018 – 17/8

This month calls for individual strength and action by doing what is uniquely you. This is the month that you may reap the financial rewards for what you have been doing this year.

Remain calm and composed. Visualise the number 8 to integrate thought patterns. Disputes or legal matters may be settled, but not necessarily in your favour. Trust in the scales of justice. Good karma could also “pay out”.

Effort is required this month. So is patience. This is an ideal time to attract new business and investments, but don’t speculate. June calls for business-like thinking, not emotional decisions.

If you have been job hunting, you may be called for interviews this month. Make sure to take a folder with any information they may require, including a hard copy of a professional CV, even if you have already sent one. Visualise a fair salary and hold that intention.

Love and money are closely connected this month, so do not confuse the two or lose one over the other. Money is a leading cause of divorce. Be wary of getting into a power struggle with your partner over finances, working hours, or property. Don’t get into power struggles at work with bosses or colleagues either. If you feel, though, that they are holding you back in life and that your value systems are incompatible, explore the possibility that it may be time to start your own business. No impulsive decisions this month!

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