July 2018 Numerology – by MetaVarsity

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July 2018 – 18/9

This month the theme using personal finances and resources to uplift humanity will be taking hold firmly.

Charity begins at home. Check up on close family. Look at their living conditions, check that they are coping financially, assess whether they need medical attention or if it is time to move them to somewhere where they will be taken good care of.

July is the month to tie up any loose ends. You want a clean slate for August.

Donate unwanted articles to charity. Clear out the garage and cupboards in your home. Drop off any groceries that are about to expire at a local shelter or with someone asking for food at a traffic light.

If you have not found your niche, look at including professions in arts and culture, health, spirituality, or non-profit ventures.

If you are unemployed at present, consider helping by donating your time and effort to a project close to you, or start your own in your community. Get involved with the youth. Teach them volleyball, soccer, chess or dancing. If you can play an instrument, teach a youngster in your community. Be the solution to a problem.

If you are living in abundance, consider putting some of the excess money into someone or into a community project or a start-up business. Do this out of sheer gratitude. I believe there is someone out there who can benefit greatly from your mentor-ship and financial input. Teach someone to fish, so that you can feed them for a lifetime.

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