April 2018 Numerology – by MetaVarsity

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April 2018 – 15/6

April is a good time to think about a new home or revamping your existing one, perhaps to accommodate parents or a multi-generational family, or to convert a section of the house to sub-let. This is one area where many people can help others and be of service.

Relationships, family and responsibility are keywords this month. Your boundaries may be challenged. Be of service, but know when to say no. Are you a doormat? Are you helping or interfering? Are you absorbing all the emotions of everyone else around you? Do you worry about everything?

Focus on loving yourself. You cannot give from an empty bucket. Take time to go for an alternative healing session for body, mind and spirit, a tarot reading or a numerology reading. Plan a pampering session, and go for a massage, a manicure and pedicure- and a facial. If you can’t afford it, barter! Do a swap-session! Make a plan.

You may want to redecorate, repaint, upgrade the bathroom or kitchen or just rearrange the furniture. Wash curtains. Put some lovely scented sachets in amongst your linen and clothes. Cook for friends, family, or for the freezer for busy days ahead.

This is a favourable time for love and passion. If you are single it is a good month to meet someone, and if committed a good time to rekindle some romance. This is a month for weddings – and divorces.

Wars and arguments could easily be triggered this month, so watch those emotions.

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