January 2018 Numerology – by MetaVarsity

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January 2018 – 12/3

This could be either a joyful- or a depressing month.

Sandwiched in between the 22/4* energy of December 2017, and the 13/4* energy of February 2017, this month could potentially highlight depression as a prevalent mental health problem, worldwide.

Finding, nurturing and cultivating your inner child and that which makes you happy should be your primary concern right now.  If you have found your niche, you should be feeling joyful, creative, happy and sociable. If not, you have some inner soul-searching to do.

Don’t blow your savings on something extravagant, overindulge in alcohol or substances, or think an affair is what you need to add excitement to your life. Rather look at some positive alternatives with lasting effects. Is there a new hobby you would like to try? Perhaps it could lead to something bigger in the future, like a new business opportunity. Explore your creative side.

If you are in a good space, consider communicating ideas for a happier life to others. Try blogging, vlogging, podcasts, workshops, singing, rapping… whichever way you can best get your message across. Enthuse others with your joy and optimism. It is a great month to organise a few social get-togethers, or to find the child within and get out with the kids, friends and pets and have some fun.

This is a good time to get your CV in order or to schedule interviews. Be wary of overselling or over-promising, as this could backfire.

Keep a firm hold on your finances, as you may need them next month.

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