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Numerology Overview of 2018

2018 is likely to be a slower year than 2017. 2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 11, written 11/2*. Your own personal life path is going to play a pivotal role this year within this vibration.

A 17 year-long ascension process ended in December 2017. We have entered a new phase of spirituality and enlightened living.

The 11 brings out emotions: from one extreme to another. It “marries” polar opposites, and is very sensitive and intuitive by nature. The difference between the 11 and its root number 2, is that the 2 is a willing follower, where the 11 is visionary leadership and stands on its own two feet: Master among men, servant of God.

Number 11 is highly charged and nervous. It is a receptive, feminine energy, and a slower energy than last year’s energy. 2018 is the yin year after the 2017 yang year. 2017 was a forging ahead, masculine, active and DOING year. You dare not continue with this forceful and active energy is 2018.

So, a word of caution for 2018: if you do not slow down and put some faith in the universe to shift things for you, and you try to “push” like last year, the stress will affect your immune system. Auto-immune diseases, chest and lung disorders, like flu, will lay you flat on your back. This will put more focus on immunity and health, though, and bring progress in these areas, but in a more holistic way. Listen to the small, still voice of the soul.

The world is ready to embrace the light-workers, spiritual healers and teachers of any kind. People will grow in consciousness and these professions will be respected and sought after.

The number 11 runs on inspiration. More and more, people are going to realise that how they earn a living must become more soul-aligned and purpose-driven.

Many of the inspired artists and musicians from the past era have passed on in recent years. A new era of famous people will come to the forefront this year. Celebrities are often way-showers and message bringers, ahead of their time.

The number 18 in 2018, focusses on using personal finances and resources to uplift humanity. People will either enlist the cooperation of others to accomplish this (reflected in the 11/2*), or do the work themselves. The 11 energy is one of co-operation among corporations, groups, companies, countries and in all relationships, leading to peaceful solutions.

The 8 in 2018, will focus on finances and abundance. The 8 is a number representing balance and infinity. Crypto-currencies like bitcoin are the forerunners of redistribution of wealth, and I believe wealth will become more equally distributed. People will rely less government upliftment in communities and begin to take responsibility for these matters themselves.  The 11 is two independent people standing equally next to each other. A partnership.

It is a potential “soul-mate year”, so don’t “settle” for less.

This year could see the rise of new leaders in the world, but be careful of fanatics with dubious intentions.

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