December 2017 Numerology

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DECEMBER 2017 – 22/4*

The sensitivities of this highly charged number may catch you unawares. You may even find that you are more psychic than usual and feel a little out of sorts.

This is a strange energy to have for December.

Where the root number 4 is a number of honesty, integrity, hard work and putting things into form; of planning the work ahead, related to a goal; earthy, practical and systematic, the number 22 does this on a higher level – the level of manifestation and sacred geometry and designs.

Perhaps people visualised so many beautiful things last month in November, that they just want to put them into action. Perhaps it will be a year where people set their goals and are enjoying their work so much that they take a shorter year-end vacation. This could also be due to finances being tight and wanting to start 2018 on a firmer footing, as the 4 energy asks one to be cautious with money decisions and put some aside for a rainy day. Perhaps, though, people are feeling productive and more aligned to work they love.

Most likely, your personal year energy will play a larger than normal role within this particular universal month energy.

Be on the lookout for people who are battling emotionally this month. This may particularly affect school leavers born around 1999, who may be very disillusioned with life. They are here to change the world, though…

December will test your strength of will, determination and patience. Remain logical and practical.

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