August 2017 Numerology

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AUGUST 2017 – 18/9

Charity begins at home. Check up on elderly relatives and show them respect by helping them to make decisions in life to preserve their dignity. Look at their living conditions, check that they are coping financially, assess whether they need medical attention and make sure that they are alright. Perhaps it is time to move them to someplace where they will be taken good care of, or to find a carer to assist them while you are otherwise occupied.

August is not a month to start new, long-term projects. Leave that for September. Rather tackle something that you can finish by the end of August. Tie up loose ends, so that nothing is left undone at the end of this month.

This is an emotional and potentially volatile time, as the last (hopefully) of wars over race and religious differences surface to be cleared out. This was supposed to happen last year, but not everybody would have “let go” and moved on.

If you have not yet found your niche, expand your search to include areas that focus on culture, health, spirituality, or non-profit ventures.

Any love relationships or friendships that have drifted apart or become toxic, could break up now. Especially those that should have ended last year and you have clung to. See the blessings that these difficult relationships brought into your life. Who did you reach out to? What new friendships were forged? What skills did you learn as a result? Let go… Forgive yourself and others.

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