November 2016 Newsletter


Order your 2017 Sojournal – Diary and personal guide – NOW, Before the price increase!

Last call for 2017 Sojournal orders before the price goes up and availability becomes limited. Take a look at what the Sojournal is all about on the website.

Your order makes the difference. The more orders placed this week, the less the price goes up and the more available it is for others.

Good news! The new year brings the addition of an online app, due to popular demand and the ability to implement such a feature being more accessible these days. Watch this space!

The Sojournal is ready to be sold as a going concern, with my service as the designer and retailer staying on board. Please inform anyone you know that would be interested. With 16 years of built up and consistent clients and a well loved product that has increased in demand and quality over the years, the Sojournal must and can only evolve from here.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Julisa Petersen
083-334 7089

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