September 2016 Newsletter


Southern Spring Greetings!

The 2017 Sojournal is on route to the press, time is flying to her fruition. Last minute content and Directory placings are squeezing in this week. So now is your last chance to submit your inspiring articles, paintings and gardening photos for placings in this edition and join the Directory. I’m sourcing the last few images to complete the monthly inserts. Give me a shout so you don’t miss out.

Click on the 2017 Sojournal link on the website and learn what it’s all about, place your order now for only R295, before the increase once stock arrives. Just know, that the real experience is far more that what the website can demonstrate, only when you hold and experience it, do you realise it’s true value, added to your life experience. (for less than a rand a day!)

Now is the best time to place your order, knowing your investment goes direct to the final phase of production that requires the most financial support, the printing. If everyone orders this month then there would be no need to bridge the cost between now and the ‘day before Christmas’ orders that trickle in over months. The 2016 edition did not go to print, because too many Sojournal lovers were procrastinating their purchase for longer each year, where the only way to change the cycle was to draw it to a halt. For a new perspective to develop for the new cycle we about to begin.

This is a specialised publication, that I print and distribute in my personal capacity, for dedicated annual retail and online clients. Until a distribution company or individual steps forward to meet the growing demand, I continue to share my passion for the love it has to offer our life journey and the purpose it placed in my heart to gather information each year for it’s creation, through me to you.

The Sojournal was missed this year, when I experienced a different journey with a very plain diary. I found myself staring at the big blank pages of my 2016 diary, the usual paperback black covered, black lines, white pages, massive ‘2016’ on every page of the year (in case I forget which year we in) and tiny weekdays I squint to read, nothing else. No moons, no celebrations, not even the public holidays, nada! I noticed that the further we journey into this year, the more my open diary pages are filled with work, work, work! This realisation hit me like a flood of exhaustion that drained my creative core.

As I have always done with my Sojournal, I open my plain diary for hours, pouring my creative colourful thoughts into the wide open pages, where they transform into appointment, loads of ‘To-Do’ lists with postponed items endlessly rolling forward as they make way for the urgent priorities. Where I feel like work never let’s me play! The only thing on these bland pages of my black plain 2016 diary is a bunch of words and lists which were once an inspiration and now it’s a chore! Where the present moment does not exist, only the past and future timeline plans of things done and to do. I got a set of colourful pens to make it more interesting, but I still miss my Sojournal!

Perhaps the lack of the Sojournal has provided clarity and focus on work, without the colourful distractions. But, there comes a time when our Soul screams for connection to the imagination, source of unlimited power, with guided intent and ancient wisdom paving the way to our true path. Where you don’t feel so alone, where the pages feed your words into inspired life, like a nurturing mother cherishing your every word or doodle with love and meaning. Our technology driven world of minimal human contact, that separates us from our sense of nature and awareness of ourselves within it, yearns for the presence of who we are as humans shared through ancient texts in a way we can relate and implement.

The Sojournal has a way of bringing me to the present, where I feel loved. My companion guides with the synchronised and serendipitous wisdom and creative flow of those that are drawn to share at the time of it’s creation. Always just what we need to read, sometimes on a random page for inspiration medicine. I am just as amazed at each days magic shared in the pages, as if it was the first time I experience it, as each day is unique and is not predetermined, just experienced to the fullest, in the present moment.

I endeavor to bridge these extremes, so as to find a balance of creative stimulation, subconscious inner guidance connecting to source and practical ‘to-do’ things that need to ‘get done’. Where the Sojournal can be appreciated by more walks of life, within the work environment  where we spend most of our time.

Well, let’s see what 2017 has in store, with the NEW CYCLE of the Sojournals growth, a Number 1 year, a new way, new games to play, new things to say, something different every day, lets start today!

Be a part of the collective mass action of Sojournal orders this month, for full capacity condensed support for printing, so we can be sold out by November, with all 2017 homes reached and settled for a relaxing holiday. Please take a moment, you know you will order, so rather do it now, tell your friends, let’s make this possible together, I need your support to ease your Sojournals path to your home.

Let’s honour the value of our special companion, which I am humbled to present to you, with love!

Blessed be the journey!

Julisa Petersen
083-334 7089

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