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New beginnings and exciting times!

Having just turned another year older last weekend, I gained some insight on the Sojournal and my connection with this journey that I share with you. Just before my birthday I noticed all the 9s that play a roll in the cycle we are concluding.

My birth date =  9

My name ‘Julisa’ =  9

My age, till last week 36 = 9

2016 = 9

With turning 37 = 1 There is a strong feeling of completion of many aspects of my life. I’m writing down the experiences and what I learnt, generating some guidelines and ideas to move forward. My birthday was also on a number 1 day: 14/05/2016

The 2017 edition is number 1 of the new cycle. Totally fresh energy.

Here is the insight from one of our new contributors featuring in the 2017 Sojournal, Metavarsity.

Firstly, what I find fascinating about the whole setup, is that Julisa’s energies are exactly a year ahead of the universal energies. So, the universe is in a 9 year now, and Julisa has just gone into a 1 personal year in 2016, which is exactly as she describes it – that she feels she has done a lot of completing and is ready to move forward with a fresh start. Why this is awesome, is because she will captivate those energies while she is in that space, and have them in place for the universal new beginnings next year. Next year she will go into a “2” year, a year ahead of the universe, and will instinctively know what to include in the Sojourn as she goes through it. Next year Julisa needs to focus on detail in the business, and get contracts in place – lots of negotiations…

As much as Julisa’s chart and current life is full of 9’s, which is a universal and humanitarian vibration, she is also in the midst of a HUGE amount of “5” energy, urging her to think NEW…. EXCITING…. DIFFERENT…. And that is what will give her the edge. There is another aspect to her Sojourn that will come up in the near future for her, and that is some kind of more universal and high-tech version of Sojourn…. Together with what she is currently doing. Perhaps an app, or something… but something adaptable and on the web…. Not sure what it is, but it is there… So she needs to think out of the box, to “get inspiration from above and bring it down to earth” 

Her diary, Sojournal, is a 16/7* – 19/10* – 35/8 vibration. In some way she is working off karma via this initiative. She has much learning pertained to standing in her power and being a pioneer and a leader in her field  – breaking new ground. Her lessons are all to do with using her creative energy. To work off further karma, she will come up against many strong-willed people in her daily work.

From the word “Sojournal”, the reason for it coming into existence, is to impart knowledge and spiritual truths, and to delve quite deeply into these aspects. The public expects ground-breaking and innovative stuff, so Sojourn needs to come up with a whole lot of “firsts” and take this all to another level. The destiny is 8, which means it is a good business and should earn her lots of money, unless pride and ego were to enter the equation.

Janet van Niekerk
Head of Numerology

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