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Numerology for 2016
2016 is a global 9 year. 2+0+1+6 = 9.

This is a universal vibration for all on earth this year, and affects us all. So what does this all mean?

A 9 means endings and tying up loose ends. Things that have been happening on earth since the beginning of 2007 will now play themselves out, making way for a new cycle to begin next year in 2017.

2016 is a year of completion. Many things have outlived their usefulness. Things will move fast and be highly emotional. Unpleasant relationships will end and people will stand up for themselves! They will speak up against injustices and get rid of people making false promises. Things could be emotionally painful, and people may feel nostalgic and shed tears. Resolving differences in the world will be headline news.

The first part of the year should be used to do some spring cleaning – getting rid of anything that is no longer useful. People should avoid starting new things or making big changes until the latter part of the year. Things begun too early in the year will not have staying power.

The 9 usually indicates a loss of some kind. Be willing to let go in the interest of making way for future advancement and happiness. The world needs to be tolerant, understanding, compassionate and forgiving. Number 9 is governed by Mars, the God of War, so if this energy is allowed to spiral downwards, wars could be a very real possibility before peace can reign.

Use your talents to help others, so that you can pay forward any help you took in the past few years. It is a year to repay others. Later in the year, some new directions may take shape. The world leaders and business leaders may find the inspiration to implement new ways of doing things in the years ahead. People may discover a new way of life, as they clear out the old ways of doing things and seeing life and make way for the new!

This will go together with the ending of systems the world has outgrown. It is an excellent year for squaring or writing off old debts and extending the hand of peace to anyone with whom we might be in conflict. A strong sense of humanitarian responsibility, tolerance and improved understanding will noticeably prevail during this year.

NINE is the three-fold number at the action end of the mind plane. As mind in action, it represents ambition (the physical aspect), responsibility (the thinking aspect) and idealism (the spiritual aspect). What is interesting, is that 2016 covers all the planes too.

The 2 is a spiritual and emotional number, looking for peace and harmony through negotiation, the 1 is the self and ego, so clashes of egos and power will still play a role this year, and the 6 is on the mind plane and represents responsibility and love and the coming together of families, or the falling apart thereof. Relationship and service issues are highlighted where the 6 is present.

So how can you make a contribution and a difference?

Focus on:
– Brotherhood and service to mankind.
– Mercy, forgiveness and compassion of self and others.
– Peace.
– Redemption arising out of unconditional love (letting go of intolerance of people different to yourself in any way, such as race, class, religion, life choices etc).
– Release the past and have faith in a beautiful and loving world
– Include love and synthesis to bring the best solutions.
– Find the golden thread that connects all lives.
– Give without expecting in return.
– Resonate and empathize with others and their situations.
– When all seems lost, look for sudden interventions of Grace.
– Allow things/situations to end in the interest of new beginnings.
– Look for streams that converge (synchronicity) to produce intensity and many meaningful moments.
– Find the common ground in human experience; live and let live.
– Remember when things look dark that “This too, shall pass”.
– Build bridges across endless chasms.
– Make the best of impossible people and situations.
– Learn to work in the midst of distractions.
– Pay off old debts and harmonize all relationships.
– Bring hope where despair is present.
Here’s wishing you a peaceful and meaningful 2016!

Janet van Niekerk
Head of Numerology



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