Sojournal Energy Forecast November 2015

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This content is contributed by Kate Spreckley – Spirit Pathways

In these times of profound transformation and change humanity is progressing from being unaware and closed, to opening toward Spirit. The final result will be the evolution of all humanity into human light beings. This evolution of humanity is the completion of a great cycle of growth and learning. You are producing evolutionary change through the choices you make, the actions you take and the thoughts you have. This month the energy will work to align you with the flow of Universal energies to activate a new phase of your human evolution. Latent areas of your being will be initiated to trigger pre-encoded genetic aspects that will stimulate a new phase of your existence. Opening yourself to the energy will allow for a deep transformation and emergence of your birthright as a human light being.

This month heralds a time of great change, which is greatly directed by the thoughts and actions you take. You will be asked to acknowledge your part in the total evolution of humanity at this time. You are to recognise that your choices and actions are like a drop in a pool with the ripples moving outwards to affect everything. Are your current choices, thoughts and actions moving you towards an advanced state of Spiritual evolution, or are they ripples of the past that need to be reformed or removed before you can experience yourself at an expanded level? You know in your heart the direction you are being asked to take. If you accept your inner guidance your actions will cause ripples in the entire fabric of humanity, moving the Spiritual evolution of us all forward.

You have come to this Earth to refine and attune to the principles of heart-centered truth. Your truest mission is to reflect the latent Divinity you hold locked within your mortal being. You are a living bridge between Heaven and Earth and your purpose is to understand and realise the love and light of your Spirit. You heard the call of a Spiritual rebirth before you incarnated. You have come from the Stars to this Earthly home to know the truth of your being.

During this month allow yourself to be directed into a place of indestructible purity, a sanctuary of true love, where the power of the Divine becomes a force for love. Arise and seize each day and allow this love to radiate directly into the hearts of those you encounter. Envelop everyone you meet with your infinite love and compassion.

Affirmation for the month– I allow myself to be a channel for Divine love and I reflect this love out into the world


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