Sojournal Energy Forecast October 2015

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This content is contributed by Kate Spreckley – Spirit Pathways

This month accept the miraculous gift of love in your life, not for what you can visibly see, but for what you feel and know as truth. True love is available to you when you open your Spirit to your inner guides and dreams. Love is often disguised as truth so look beyond the mask, beyond the personality and beyond the surface stereotypes. Where there is darkness see light, where there is pain send healing, where there is disharmony, sow seeds of contentment and joy. Let your warmth, love and generosity flow.

You are being called to open your eyes to the magic of love and wonder around you. Reach out with your heart and see aspects of the Divine in all others. Accept the Divine unseen aspects of yourself too. Explore the extent of your energy and observe how the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel and the desires you have affect the world around. Recognise that you are embarking on a healing quest of self-love that will allow your Divine nature to arise within your heart, helping you to see the truth of who you really are. The physical realm you inhabit is merely a shadow of your greater, unseen aspects. The energy held within this month will allow you a glimpse of these unseen aspects, which will support you in more fully integrating your conscious experience through your light body.

It is your light body that embodies love, creates love, realises love and contains your Spirit in all its shimmering brilliance and vitality. It is the manifestation of the greatest beauty and power to be found in all of Creation at this time.   This month the energy will renew your energy system to support the embodiment of your light body. It will purify and strengthen your heart center to bring an open-hearted attitude so that you may reinitiate the Spirit of Love into your life. It will serve as a rejuvenating boost that will melt away patterns of lethargy or inertia and allow you to feel embraced by the love and light of the Divine.

When one feeds the inner fire of love and compassion, cosmic rays of love pour directly into the heart. In this way new pathways are opened within the energy field and the suffering you have carried on your human journey can be healed. If you are to walk the path of consciousness you must go beyond your wounds and accept this opportunity to metamorphasise into a new body of light. At this time your heart has been gifted with a new consciousness, which carries an emerging awareness of the profound power of love and compassion. This is the time to truly embrace the sacred love of the Divine and to birth the beauty love in all your actions, deeds and creations.

Affirmation for the month – I open my heart and my being to Divine love




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