Sojournal Energy Forecast September 2015

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This content is contributed by Kate Spreckley – Spirit Pathways

All of us wish for our dreams to come true. Wishing is a magical urge that brings us in touch with potential, hope and with a vision not yet actualised. To wish is to open oneself to receiving, to believe in the impossible and in the attainment of ones hearts desires. If you believe yourself to be worthy of fulfillment, to receiving all the goodness the Universe wishes to offer you, your dreams will be realised.

With the Fall / Summer Equinox occurring this month you may find that an important wish, desire or hope may be fulfilled soon. In opening your mind and heart to Divine wisdom and guidance, you allow your energy field to become more receptive and accessible to positive spiritual influences. Divine Light Energy drawn into your being connects you with the Divine and allows for clear guidance and actions necessary to create the experiences you wish. Cultivating your connection to the Divine, acknowledging and acting upon guidance given shows that you are ready to claim your dreams and see your wishes come true. Remember that asking for Divine guidance is only the first step. Trusting that guidance enough to act upon it is the important next step.

This month you are entering into a new state of Divine connection. Be open to and be prepared to act upon the guidance and intuition you receive. You will be aided in creating a firm connection with expanded levels of conscious, which will stimulate psychic abilities so that you can become a true channel for the Divine to manifest in your life.

Be alert at this time for opportunities, messages and signs that may indicate the direction you are required to take. These signals may come in the form of intuition or a “gut feeling”. Perhaps there is a new relationship, job or opportunity coming your way that will lead you further down the path of your growth. Remember that outer manifestation of your wishes can only occur after transformation of your inner being. Be inwardly receptive at this time and you will receive the subtle insights and messages necessary for the manifestation of your hopes and dreams.

Wherever you are being sent a message to prepare for the working of the Divine in your life, your hearts yearning has been witnessed, honored and will be fulfilled.

Affirmation for this month – I am open to Divine guidance




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