Sojournal Energy Forecast August 2015

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Spirit Pathways, Kate A Spreckley shares insight in the 2015 Sojournal

This month holds a moment of transition where a heartfelt thank you can be offered to the Divine. It’s a time to be open and accepting of the Spiritual waters of Universal love and Divine healing. You may find your wishes and dreams coming true, or you may find yourself striving to reach an important goal. Your heart is opening to the wisdom inherent in all of life helping you to remember the many creative gifts you carry into this world. You will be aided in aligning your voice with the heart of the Universe, which will enable you to manifest only that which is harmonious and joyful.

You may find yourself being called to voice what is in your heart, to give your emotions a voice and to affirm your hearts desires. In these times of transformation you will be asked to review and revise the way in which you communicate and interact with others. This month’s focus is on finding new and more balanced ways of interacting, communicating and speaking from ones heart. Words are powerful in creating what you want on the Earth plane. They create an energetic resonance that calls to the Universal matrix to create that which we speak. When your words are in line with your heart and spoken in prayer to the Divine they cause a powerful reverberation, which causes change and attracts that which you are praying for. The gift of speech is a tool gifted to you by Spirit for creation. You can create a loving and abundant world through positive and powerful affirmations.

The way in which you utilise the power of your voice is a direct reflection of your inner state of being. When you use your voice as a tool for expression and release you are able to express your hearts wisdom more clearly. The energy of this month will come to assist with the release of negative self-talk, washing away any mental anguish or worry. You will find your Earthly burdens being lifted, your vision purified and your Soul awakening to new experiences. Situations you have shied away from, inner stirrings you thought to suppress will be revealed, giving you the ability to rise above restrictions and into new possibilities. This is a time to break free of any negativity and to allow the highest vibrations of your heart to feed the new potentials growing within.

Affirmation for the month – I use my voice as a tool for Divine creation and love

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