Julisa, Sojournal creator, shares her personal experience, here and now


June flew right by in a flash of light as we just glided over the midyear threshold, the solstice, various intense planetary alignments and a full moon and most of all, our experience that makes our adventure valuable.

To be honest, my attention was on the vision beyond Custom Creation and the Sojournal for the month of June, so much so that I did not send any newsletter all month. I am establishing a foundation for the new ‘Agency’ sector of my business and merging my publishing and custom design skills with my music, radio presenting and passion for supporting talented artists.

A month ago I found myself standing in an overwhelmingly vast doorway to infinite potential and opportunity. This reality has been brewing for some time and is now maturing. I felt consumed and blocked in the entrance way, only to realise that it is only ‘me, myself and I’ stubbornly standing in my own way of embracing excitement, cramping my stride. Oh, the options I comically entertained to find a strategy to get myself past this obvious, self inflicted feeling. I chuckle at the ridiculous nature of this concept, yet I am stumped at the strength of my own stubborn nature I see before me, blocking my happiness. Instead of all the justified external reasons we love to give power to, in order to have an excuse to not move forward. Now, I see, the choice is mine alone, to grant myself permission to be happy, successful, abundant, and embrace all that feels good.

You may be laughing with me now, till you realise this is one of the most common unconscious saboteurs that us humans actively spend most of our lives dancing around and avoiding eye contact with. Our most honest, truth beacons and soul path lanterns is our very own selves and it is up to us to be brave enough to face up to ourselves, looking deeply into our eyes and set ourselves free from the duty we invented, of standing in our own way.
Is this absolutely absurd or does it make complete sense?

Well, I don’t know what happened, but I just realised, with a great sense of achievement today, that I have in fact boldly glided through that door way that seemed so overwhelming. I had forgotten it was there till now! I am claiming a parental holiday for 2 weeks and gently pulling myself toward myself to allow the momentum to do what it does best and ‘roll with it’!

To fill you in, I have been a radio presenter at our local radio station in Knysna for 4 years this month, an experience I never imagined would become an integral aspect of my life path. This is where I am constantly discovering dynamic additions to my life long passion for music, entertainment, media and networking. At first, with the station newly established in 2011, we took our own music to play during our shows and we basically ‘winged’ this radio presenter roll and unfamiliar skill into action, learning mainly through experience and many ‘deep end’ diving adrenalin moments. This passion is now becoming a realistic and apparently well matured skill, so with some ‘elders’ of our team moving on, the opportunity to step up became obvious. I am humbled to be standing here now, with a welcoming future to grow into what ever I desire.

At the beginning of this year, 2015, I followed my hearts tugging and took the initiative to become more involved at the radio station and to work with our dedicated team that has stood the test of time, with equal determination to make our best success of this experience, stretching our ability and skills. We are here to create ourselves and I am loving the ‘self’ I am discovering within this creation. True to the name of the Sojournal (Soul Journey), this is my Sojourn and my choice alone to embrace my responsibility, allowing myself the freedom that accompanies my ability to respond and enjoy this once in my lifetime ride, in style!

I am now the Knysna adverting agent for our radio station, via ‘Custom Creation Agency’, which I also book entertainment through. I am getting into creating jingles and producing ‘on air’ adverts, SO much fun, especially when it becomes a paid job! Today, my very first official clients mastered advert was signed off with an impressed and inspired Gordon Hoffmann, our mentor and manager, and a delighted client, with my excited co-producer of the ad and radio presenter, Eon, who will debut the ad during his show this Friday morning.
My current regular shows are Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12-3pm, streaming via www.knysnafm.co.za , where you will also find the ‘Gig Guide’ I launched 2 months ago, the pulse of the local action.
Here before me and around me, is potential and possibilities way beyond my vision. What I now have is a spotlight which lights up the moment I am in and the next steps before me, this is where I can embrace the power and direct link to Source.

Now that being shared, I return my focus to the 2016 Sojournal, which is gathering and attracting new connections and content contributors. This is the 9th edition, which feels to me like the final leg of the foundation of the Sojournals existence. The love, support, appreciation and dedication from, what I feel is my global community of the Sojournal companions. Just like Knysna itself has inspired and supported me to access my authentic self and become the person I am today. The radio station has gifted me a strong team, which feels like family, maturing my confidence and providing an abundant channel for creativity and mental release through the music.

The Sojournal has been my my ‘calling’ since I was 21, in 2001 and my, often harsh, dedicated teacher. What began as a fun creation of a calendar, became an annual publication and now a full time business, that I have organically made up along the way, enduring tough trial with unwavering persistence. The Sojournal is an extension of myself and I am committed to continue producing the Sojournal annually, as I honour the duty of being the instrument and channel for what has become an integral part of many peoples lives.
I trust the path, with a lesson close to my heart, that as this business experience has showed me repeatedly: If it is meant to be, then the world conspires to make it happen and so it shall be. I believe there is a deeper purpose to this diary, that will be revealed to me in good time. This is your creation too, so I invite you to step forward, if your heart draws you in, to be involved with the Sojournal and play an active roll in our journey ahead.

The Sojournal holds a huge amount of value, priceless in essence and unlimited in it’s potential, with 8 years of consistency. I have managed all aspects of the production and distribution at my own capacity, which has proved to be a reach of about 1000 to 2000 diaries printed a year, sold mostly direct to annual clients, website orders and very few of the thousands of small outlets. As much as I have pushed and trained my ability and capacity, this is the growth I have achieved. It is my intuition, my supporters encouragement and life changing feedback and the knowledge of it’s visible, untapped potential that has driven me to carry on every year.

For the greater good of all and highest purpose of this path that chose me, I humbly open my heart and door to just the right opportunity, person, circumstance, to receive my call. In the outcome of this I trust completely.

Do any of these points strike a chord in you or someone you know…

– Passion for sharing useful information and Ancient knowledge, with a vision in alignment with the intent of the Sojournal – the journey of self discovery and personal power.
– Strong connection and understanding of the booming Wellness industry.
– A company or individual with an established distribution channel in the wellness and book stores.
– Advertising and selling agent network, Nationally and Internationally.
– Artists, healers, story tellers and alternative professionals with unique knowledge to share.
– Self sufficiency and sustainable community participation.
Contact me directly now, I am eager to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Ironically, enhancing my focus and clarity, I recently received my very first pair of reading glasses! Weird and strangely instrumental in a maturing perspective of the world and my roll in it. We always growing and learning!

I conclude my very first ‘blog’ I have ever written and published on social media with the wisdom of Po, the Dragon Warrior of Kung Fu Panda: “All I need is inner peace. My inners are really super super peaceful, so all I need to do is just get this thing going. Inner Peace, you going DOWN!”

With blessings and love,

Julisa Petersen
Custom Creation
083-334 7089

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