Sojournal Energy Forecast July 2015


Painting inspired and created by Kim Dreyer, artist extraordinaire and regular Sojournal contributor.

Spirit Pathways, Kate A Spreckley shares insight in the 2015 Sojournal

July brings blessings of Divine healing, which help you to cultivate your faith and your ability to express your personal power. We are all being taught the appropriate application of personal power and how to correctly apply this innate force in our current situations and experiences. At this stage your ego will meet the task of unraveling itself in surrender to the Divine. The energies will help you as you seek to clear that which obstructs your progress, to clear out the debris of your past and bring any hidden fears to the light. Subliminal forces of negativity held within the Soul will be released allowing you to let go and trust in the world.

Your personal power is applied through your will and it is through your will that you manifest matter from the energetic framework created with your thoughts, beliefs and desires. Your will is either aligned with your ego or with the Divine will of the Creator. When your will is aligned with the ego you apply that energy through manipulation and control. Your creations manifested in this way are usually not for your highest good and feel empty and unsatisfying. When your will is aligned with the Divine you become a channel for manifesting that which is for your highest good, manifesting that which will support your purpose here on Earth. The right use of your personal power and will creates a sense of trust in the Universe and a feeling of fulfillment and joy.

The force of your personal power and will is one of the crucial energies used in creating your reality. Turning your personal power and will over to the Divine enables you to become a conduit for a higher power. You no longer feel the need to manipulate and can allow your will to become an extension of the will of the Divine. This month take a good look at how you are using your personal power and will. Is your will aligned with your ego or is it aligned with the Divine? Look at the current situations and experiences in your life and observe how you are using your will to both create and maintain these experiences. Aligning your power and will with the Divine will give you the inner strength and stamina required for pursuing your life’s destiny. In this way your Spirit is strengthened enabling you to persist in your goal of ascension. Seek a path of balance and right use of will and allow the Universe to guide you.

Affirmation for the month – I align myself with the power and will of the Divine




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