Sojournal Energy Forecast June 2015

May 2015

Painting inspired and created by Kim Dreyer, artist extraordinaire and regular Sojournal contributor, expressing the duality and mirror of Gemini (21 May – 21 June 2015)


Spirit Pathways, Kate A Spreckley shares insight in the 2015 Sojournal

June is a powerful time where the energies of the Summer / Winter Solstice gather. The Solstice marks another high point in our energetic cycles. This month heralds a time of withdrawal and an opportunity to relax into the Spiritual here and now. As the seasons change on the planet, so too does your inner landscape begin to change. Allow yourself to become reacquainted with the power of your hidden resources, which will enable you to balance your outer desires with your inner needs. Take some time to be alone and to nurture your Soul. Create your own sanctuary where the chaos of the external world cannot intrude. In this space of peace you may discover a new vibration awakening within, beckoning you forward on your journey.

Your journey is like a winding road that stretches before you. The road isn’t always easy and requires courage and stamina to travel, yet it does offer you many beautiful views and rewards along the way. This journey is one of discovery, an attempt to discover who you are and why you exist. This is the power of your path and its important to remember that it is the journey, not the destination that is most important for your growth and healing.

As you walk your path through life you experience many valuable lessons. Your ability to perceive the lesson lies at the heart of each experience. It’s important with each experience to acknowledge the lesson and then to move on. This month as you pause; allow yourself to reflect on your journey and the many lessons you have learnt. Take stock of where you have been, where your choices have taken you and where you want to go. Allow time to look at your current experiences. What are you creating right now? Are you moving in a direction you want to go?

The energy of this month will lend you courage and assist you in realigning your journey with your heart, and thus your destiny. Explore your interests and intuition and go where they lead. Your journey is a noble one where you are shown the power of your mortal and Spiritual choices. Each moment, each step on your journey gives you the opportunity to recreate yourself and to choose a new direction. Powerful and unexpected events may surface as you are called to look deeply into the purpose of your journey. Growth opportunities will emerge as you free yourself to follow the journey of your Soul. Allow the power of the Divine to be your guide and you will find a new song of joy in your heart and a gratitude for the many wonders of life.

Affirmation for the month – I allow the power of the Divine to guide me on my journey


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