Sojournal Energy Forecast May 2015

2015 Sojournal Filo Fax content

Spirit Pathways, Kate A Spreckley shares insight in the Sojournal

Be prepared this month, for more transformative experiences and situations. At this stage the only certainty is change and something must change in order for new life to emerge and prosper. Unexpected events may be on the horizon. Sudden breakthroughs will help release you from any negative attachments and limitations. Your ego consciousness is being refined, transformed and changed. It is important to recognise that an ego centered consciousness and a material foundation cannot be the basis for a Spiritual life. Allow your ego to be purged of old desires, fears and resentments. It is time now to cut away the strands of the past that connect you to old karma and worn out patterns so that you may emerge into the purity and clarity of your heart.

This month signals a time of renewed energy. A time of reconnecting with the forces of Divine love and light, which will open and restore the flow of life force energy within your energy systems. Often when one is feeling run down or overtired a block has developed within the energy system. This block does not allow for the life force energy to rise within the body and creates a feeling of being drained, disassociated or depressed. The energy of this month will aid in raising your life force energy, allowing you to open and clear any blockages. Your energy will be replenished, restored and you will be reconnected with the life force of all Creation.

We must each seek to embrace the essence of love within our own hearts and to reflect this love in our lives. Now is the time to heal the cracks in your own heart so that you may soothe your Soul and revitalise your life force. Consciously channeling the energy and focusing its power on your heart will support many magical transformations in your life. Apply the energy in strengthening your connection to the inner sanctuary of your heart and resurrect the Divine love and compassion you hold therein. Let the radiant light of the Divine pour into your heart and allow its power to lead you through whatever suffering you may currently be experiencing. Allow your heart to fill with love and you will find yourself bathed in healing and joy. Remember the truth of who you are and focus on emanating this truth into this world.

Affirmation – I allow the love of the Divine to rise within my heart and I reflect this love into the world.

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