Earth Chakra and Archangel Sandalphon

April 2015

Taurus Zodiac month article by Margi McAlpine and painting by Kim Dreyer.

If you stand with your feet hip width apart, the Earth Chakra is situated thirty centimeters below the ground in the centre point formed by making a triangle from your feet downwards in the Earth. This is your grounding and protection Chakra, anchoring you to the earth’s energy. It is Obsidian Black in colour and the element associated with this Chakra is Earth. When in balance this Chakra allows you to function in a grounded, calm and serene state bringing in a state of tranquility. The gemstones associated with this Chakra are Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline.

Archangel Sandalphon is the Angel in charge of the Earth Chakra.

He is the Angel of Prayer and Mercy. His main role is to carry our prayers and petitions to Source. He helps light workers to anchor the Light on Earth. At our request he will anchor the Light in our own physical bodies as well as anchoring it to the Earth energy. He reminds us of the importance of always being properly grounded and of being part of the world. Sometimes it is difficult to be in a physical body and do the work that we have come here to do. We need to remember that we chose this experience and that we are privileged to be on Earth at this auspicious time. Because he is so tall and extends from Heaven to Earth, he is able to assist us to be grounded and yet work with the amazing light energies. It is only when we are properly grounded that we are able to step into our full potential no matter what challenges we face.
He sends messages in the form of beautiful music. If you have petitioned him, be aware of any words or music you hear in your mind, as they are most likely the answer to your prayer. They are sometimes so gentle that we need to make sure that we do not miss them.
Sandalphon teaches us to go within ourselves bringing in a sense of safety and security which is often lacking in this world.

Angel light and blessings
(Angel Connection)



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